AHG Customer Care Plans

At Paceway Mitsubishi we understand how important your vehicle is. When you purchase a Used Vehicle from our dealership, providing it is less than 10 years old and under 160,000kms at the time of sale, you will be eligible for a complimentary customer care plan.
You will also be provided with the option to upgrade to one of our premium plans.
Our customer care plans ensure your vehicle is maintained to the highest standard, receiving tailored coverage and added benefits!

Complimentary Standard Plan

Our standard Paceway Mitsubishi customer care plan commences on completion of any statutory or manufacturer warranty that remains on the vehicle, so you can enjoy worry free motoring for longer! Benefits of this free plan include:

  • Limited to $1000 per claim*
  • Up to $3000 in claims over the term of the contract*
  • 12-month Platinum Roadside Assist*
  • Fixed Price Servicing at any of our Groups Dealerships, nation-wide*

Upgrading to a Premium 24 or 36 Month Plan

By choosing to upgrade to one of our premium customer care plans, you will receive a number of added benefits, such as:

Premium 24-Month Plan

  • $3,000 per claim limit with unlimited total claims up to the value of the vehicle purchase price
  • 24-month Platinum Plus Roadside Assist
  • $250 tyre bonus claimable from delivery date
  • Fixed price servicing at any of our groups dealerships, nation-wide

Coverage on the premium 24-month plan is up to a maximum of 200,000 kilometres*

Premium 24 or 36 Month Plans

Customer Care Plan Overview

Customer Care Plan Overview

Enjoy our Fixed-Price Servicing

After the expiry of your manufacturer warranty, our customer care plans allow you to enjoy the added benefit of our fixed price servicing giving you comfort and peace of mind by knowing your vehicles servicing costs upfront!

For customers purchasing a used Mitsubishi, you will also have the option of either Mitsubishi Australia’s service pricing or our customer care fixed pricing – the choice is yours!

Either way, our factory trained technicians will ensure that your vehicle receives the best care and maintains its reliability, safety and efficiency.

Fixed-Price Servicing Costs with our Customer Care Plan

Fixed-Price Servicing Costs with our Customer Care Plan
Your vehicles servicing frequency will align with the manufacturers service intervals. This will vary depending on the brand of vehicle purchased.

Fixed-Price Servicing Inclusions

  • Oil change of motor oil (quantity will vary depending on vehicle body type)
  • Replace oil filter
  • Check condition of automatic transmission fluid (where applicable)
  • Lube all doors and locks as required
  • Check and top up all fluid levels including battery, brake, power steering, radiator and windscreen washers
  • Inspect engine belts (external only).
  • Inspect condition and pressure of all tyres, including spare
  • Inspect cooling system and check glycol concentrate
  • Check air conditioning operation (where fitted)
  • Check steering and all suspension components
  • Inspect complete exhaust system
  • Check front and rear brake material and rotors for excessive wear
  • Check operation of hand brake
  • Test engine management system (if applicable)
  • Check condition of air filter
  • Check operation of all lights
  • Check operation of all instruments
  • Test wipers and inspect wiper blades
  • Complete visual inspection of under carriage
  • Conduct road test

Parts Covered for Standard and Premium Customer Care Plans

Parts Covered for Standard and Premium Customer Care Plans

Tyre Bonus Across our Premium Plans

Tyre Bonus Across our Premium Plans

Both our 24-month and 36-month customer care plans come with a tyre bonus. Your tyre bonus amount can be used from your plans commencement for anything to do with tyres on your vehicle including:

  • Repairing tyres
  • Replacing tyres
  • Wheel alignment

Our 24-month premium plan comes with a $250 tyre bonus and our 36-month premium plan comes with a $500 tyre bonus. This bonus can be used during the term of your customer care plan.

Terms and Conditions Apply:

*To keep the Customer Care Plan and Platinum Plus Roadside Assist valid you must have your car serviced at any of our Service Centres (for a list of our service centres please get in touch with our service department). If your vehicle is still under manufacturer’s cover, you will still enjoy the benefits of the Customer Care Plan e.g. Roadside Assistance if the car is serviced by a Customer Care agent, in accordance with the specifications set out in the owner’s manual at the prevailing rates. At the end of the manufacturer’s warranty Fixed Price Servicing Offer is available to our vehicle owners. 2. Premium National Roadside Assistance towing fee is free up to 50km, any towing in excess will be charged at prevailing rates. An excess may apply to areas that are more than 50km from the nearest provider. 3 National Roadside Assistance covers transportation back to your dealership of purchase, or the nearest authorised service centre if during business hours. Transport is limited to a 250km round trip.